Florida’s Sweetest Hackathon A place for discovery Mangohacks is a 36 hour hackathon that encourages learning, collaboration, growth, innovation, and fun. We will welcome 500+ students from Florida and across the country, amazing mentors, and wonderful sponsors to create amazing
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Photo of Cesar Villa-Garcia, FIU Worlds Ahead Graduate

Cesar Villa-Garcia, #FIUSCIS Student, Named FIU Worlds Ahead Graduate

Worlds Ahead graduates are nominated by faculty members to be personally honored during their commencement ceremony. These graduates exhibit outstanding perseverance, intelligence, personal strength, and fully demonstrate and embrace what it means to be Worlds Ahead. This sets them apart
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UPE Elects New Executive Board

Friday, October 12th, was a significant day for members of Upsilon Pi Epsilon; in addition to a General Body Meeting, an InfoTech Workshop, and an Info Session from Google Cloud Platform, the organization held its Executive Board Elections to elect
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FIU at Princeton

Traveling all the way to Princeton, New Jersey to participate in Hack Princeton Fall 2018, FIU students MJ Ramos and David Castaneda spent 36 hours hacking away to represent FIU at one of this seasons most prestigious hackathon ! Inspired
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SparkDev Demos Fall 2018 Projects

In this era of rapid technological advancement, new and promising technologies appear seemingly overnight. Upsilon Pi Epsilon’s SparkDev program aims to get students of all skill levels experienced with these new technologies with a nine-week program designed to allow students
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UPE Super Smash Bros Tournament

Sometimes, after months of exams and resume-building, the best way for the university community to unwind is to come together and enjoy some friendly competition. This past Friday, November 9th, Upsilon Pi Epsilon held a sprawling Super Smash Bros. for
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